Landscaping Services

Custom Furniture

Tables benches, chairs, daybeds, hanging beds, swings, lounge chairs, you name it, we can create it.  We create one a kind pieces that are tailored to the style, theme and size of your home and landscape design. 

Pergolas, Pavillions, Gazebos

Imagine having your dream pergola in your backyard paradise.  A place where you and your family and friends can relax, unwind, enjoy that glass of wine outside after a long day, perhaps it is even next to one of our water features, filled with custom designed lighting.  Maybe the pergola becomes your dream yoga deck, where you and your family enjoy outdoor meditation. 

Whatever your style, whatever the size of your space, we can custom design the perfect pergola for you.  The choices are endless and they can all be fully customized to the theme of your home design or backyard dream. We tailor the pergolas to fit precisely in the perfect spot in your yard, and offer additional landscaping, hanging plants or even vine trellises to create lasting paradise in your backyard. 

The absolute best. They did an outstanding job building my pond and waterfall. Benjamin and his team are truly craftsman that take pride in their work. The value for my money well exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create something magical in their yard.

David B.
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Imagine stepping outside your home to your very own backyard oasis, complete with a stunning ecosystem pond.  You get to sit back, relax, feed the fish and enjoy the sound of running water.  It is a personal vacation spot for the entire family and a reason for you to spend more time outdoors.  Our ponds are made from only the top of the line pond products that create 100% all natural ecosystems.  We install Aquascape ponds that are self-sustaining and require very little to no maintenance, providing an opportunity to have fish and interesting new varieties of plants.  Bird lovers will be delighted in the new variety of beautiful feathered friends that your pond will attract.  And of course you can create your own aquatic family of fish, koi, water lilies, pond plants and all the other enchanting creatures that flourish and thrive in their new home.


Our waterfalls are without a doubt the most beautiful and sought-after landscape water feature.  Imagine how far people go just to observe a glance at these marvelous natural wonders.  If you have limited space in your yard, or simply want to invite the tranquil sound of rushing water into your home, consider adding a Pondless Waterfall to your landscape design.  Waterfalls are extremely low-maintenance, highly energy efficient and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Each Magic Garden Dreams waterfall is completely original and unique to fit your home and garden.   We believe that waterfalls create an unsurpassable element of magic to any landscape and can fit in any space. 


Fire Fountains, Mongolian Basalt Columns, Bubbling Boulders, Stacked Slate Urns, Spillway Bowls, Fairy Baths… you can never go wrong with adding a fountain to any landscape. Fountains can be added to any space in your yard, making them an ideal choice if you want a smaller water feature or are looking for that larger mountain stream with multiple spillways pouring into it.  Butterflies and birds will flock to your home to enjoy the refreshment your fountain brings.

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Landscape Design, Garden Installation

Landscape Design and Installation

Imagine your own personal secret garden, avatar garden, or simply a stunning succulent garden all hand selected and properly planted to ensure best and lasting growth.  We select only the best quality and stunningly beautiful plants for your dream landscape design.  By first imagining the color palette and theme of your garden, we then draw and design your garden according to how it will look when the chosen plants are matured and in full bloom, we always take into consideration the amount of sun and water your garden will have to ensure long lasting and stunning landscapes.  All you have to do is dream, and sit back and enjoy watching your stunningly planted gardens grow all around you. 

Landscape Design:
A Virtual Reality 3D experience

Landscape Installation

Pathways, Pavers, Masonry

Stone Pathways and Pavers

Ever want to re-create the yellow- brick road? Well, what about just wanting to create a dream stone pathway. Maybe its a natural rainbow mosaic, made of multicolored hand picked stones. Perhaps your style calls for larger flagstones, or perhaps a subtle sandstone, maybe even turquoise and white for that clean coastal look. Whatever your preference, you will work closely with our designers to create your dream garden pathway. You will be able to custom choose your stones size, shape and color preferences. Each path we create is completely unique and truly a work of art custom designed to you and your family. 

Custom Fire Pits & Lighting Design

Custom Fire Pits

We are artists and as such we love to push the boundaries of our creativity in every aspect of outdoor design.  One of the special features we offer is completely custom designed fire-pits.  We have many mediums to choose from. We can do stone, brick, metal, or even cement sculpted fire pits.  Our cement sculpted fire-pits are inspired by the artists in our art collective that you can read more about below.  We can create a fire-breathing dragon, a snake, or even a cemented tree stump. 

Fire Fountains

This is one of our favorite offerings as it is a chance to mix two of our beloved elements together. Fire and Water. Completely safe and stunningly beautiful, these unique fountain concepts bring warmth and light to any outdoor design.  The flames flickering off the cascading water will have you mesmerized by  the Magic enchanting your backyard!

Lighting Design

We believe in creating lighting concepts that have never before been seen.  Not only do we use top of the line garden lighting for our landscapes and waterscapes, but we also create original lighting ideas that will enhance your landscape to appear as if it is something out of a movie.

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Garden Sculptures

We are artists always seeking to create even more magnificent visions into the world and into our work.  One of our unique offerings is our custom garden sculptures, the potential and possibilities for which are infinite.  Each hand crafted out of cement, sealed and painted, imagination is the only limit to what we can create for you, and our imaginations are vast!  Our sculptures range in both size and cost depending on what your dreams are calling for. 

Custom Planters

We can create custom design planters small to large… to enormous!  Our planters are not simply round pots but can be completely creative and full of imagination.  Each one is custom designed, hand-sculpted and completely personalized to your family, style, home, and heart. 

Large Cement Structures and Amphitheaters

Magic Garden Dreams is connected to a global network of inspiring artists from around the world who meet together yearly for a collective art party in the high Amazon jungle of Peru, a magical setting where Magic Garden Dreams was born.  We have built large scale art structures such as amphitheaters and outdoor custom fire pits, an ancient temple and even a recording studio!  All of the designs are co-created among a team of artists that will design the structures on site and not even the sky is the limit to what we can do.  We like to believe in the extraordinary and know that when humans work together and collaborate in the spirit of co-creation and art anything is possible.  So, have a BIG DREAM? and want to see it become a reality in your own backyard? Connect with the Dream Team today and we will make it come true!  

Ben, Brielle, and their Magic Garden Dreams Team are exceptional in their work ethic, integrity, and skills in creating a Waterscape that is beyond what we could have imagined. We are mesmerized and refreshed, loving both the daytime Waterfall setting and lighted night time beauty they created for us. Careful planning and listening to my ideas for a seated Waterfall Pond Oasis totally transformed our outdoor space. They have the unique ability to be professional, organized, thorough, conscientious, hardworking, passionate, warm, and creative; A rare combination that has given us a gorgeous setting to enjoy for years to come. BRAVO!!! Thank You Ben, Brielle, and Magic Garden Dreams Team!"

Bonnie G.

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