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Our Story

Magic Garden Dreams

A New Kind of Landscape Design Company
in San Diego, CA. Magic Garden Dreams

 Our company began in a workshop in the tropical foothills of the Amazon jungle in Peru, designed to cultivate human happiness. Inspired by the magic of the jungle and the dreams of four friends to create amazing works of art together.

San Diego, California, was chosen as the place we would all converge because of its amazing yearlong weather and the amazing community of open-minded, creative people who dare to think outside the box with design concepts and artistic pursuits. From small backyard residential projects to large commercial installations, we believed this to be the greatest place on Earth to launch a new kind of landscape design and build a business, one that focuses on artistry and creativity. Even the plants that grow here seemed to have a more magical and surreal feeling to them.

Today, Magic Garden Dreams is just sinking its roots into the community of San Diego, connecting more and more to the people and businesses we look forward to growing with in each passing season. Our team is filled with new and exciting inspiration that grows with each job, and we truly are feeling like family. It is a very fun and stimulating time for our business, everything is fresh, and everyday new challenges and opportunities are presenting themselves. We are focused on creating with our hearts and connecting with our clients to make not only incredible landscapes but masterpiece works of art on their properties and in their homes. We are lucky to have the greatest job in the world. When it comes to an artistic palette, you cannot beat using the materials and colors of all the elements; earth, water, stone, plants, fire, and wood. We get to expand and create new amazing ways of how they interact with each other and with the people who get to enjoy them.

Who We ARE 

The Dream Team


"Magic is bringing together the people you love to have fun and enjoy life together. These are the moments we hold dearest in our hearts and memories."


“We dig with our hands and work with our hearts.  We create personal magical wonderlands that will open your heart and remind you what life really is all about… being happy! You will love what we do because we love what we do.”


"Born from a heart felt vision of beauty, and a passion for sharing our creativity with the world, our purpose is simple: to create enchanting landscapes so you can enjoy a lifetime of dreams coming true in your very own paradise with all those you love most."


“Magic Garden Dreams is about creating a place of paradise.  After a busy day it helps the worries of your day melt away and creates a space where you can be present in your personal oasis.  I believe Magic Garden Dreams  stands for bringing that extra little joy in your life”. 

Benjamin Stephenson

CEO, Aquascape Contractor & Water Feature Specialist, Landscape Designer

Hello my name is Benjamin and I am a designer, builder and landscape artist along with my family at Magic Garden Dreams.  Together we founded MGD because we wanted to build something magnificent together, inspiring Magical Gardens that are constantly growing, evolving and fueling our creative imaginations.  Because its fun, and because there’s no place on earth that brings family and friends together like an amazing outdoor environment and we believe everyone can benefit from bringing more time outdoors with their family into their life.  

Personally, I am beyond obsessed with stone, water and fire and love bringing these elements together in my designs, whether it’s creating a majestic waterfall, hot spring, or a beautiful pond for a family of fish to enjoy.  The sound of turning on a water feature for the first time and feeling the peace and serenity enter into a family’s backyard is truly magical to me because I know how much happiness and relaxation it will bring them.  Or how much fun a backyard firepit can create: to cook on, tell stories around, or just share some quality time together drifting off into the flames.

I also love seducing my beautiful wife, playing with my awesome dog, surfing with my brother, driving around in my truck, and playing old country songs on my guitar.  Life is good.

Adam Roberson

Head of Carpentry and Construction, Master Builder & Sculptor

Hello fellow magical dreamers, I Am Adam. The one and only!   I was born a hell raiser from the Dixie lands of South Carolina and grew up in Yankee territory of the Northeast.
I have always been “handy candy” but really started building at the age of 14 and have been building and creating ever since.  If there is a problem, I can fix it…fact.  If the situation is looking impossible?  I’ll find a solution…fact. 
I grew up a little rough and tumble but over the past decade I have become the softest most open hearted man that I could ever had imagined and this is my biggest accomplishment of my life thus far (tearing up). 
I am lucky enough to not only have one of the coolest business on the planet but I am even luckier to share it with the ones I love the most in this world.  I hope you are lucky enough to get to experience the magic that we feel everyday together creating incredible masterpieces in peoples homes.

Brielle Stephenson

Client & Inspiration Coordinator, Head of Marketing and Sales

Hi! I am Brielle, head of sales and client relations, lead inspiration coordinator and a designer here at Magic Garden Dreams.  I love turning fantastical visions into reality, which is our specialty here at MGD.

My favorite part of the design process is getting to collaborate with our clients, dream up concepts, and push the limits of what we believe is possible together. The best part of my job?  The look on our clients faces as they light up and see their dreams come true right before their eyes and the overwhelming appreciation towards our team for making it all happen! 

 I believe life is actually about all the moments that you choose to stop and smell the roses.  And what better way to create those moments than by creating beautiful spaces filled with color, inspiration and nature to enjoy them!  

I hope to create spaces that become an extension of home; a place that encourages people to gather, love, play, reflect and enjoy the precious moments of life together in a majestic setting.

I could not imagine a more beautiful, inspiring or fun way to spend my life then truly creating magic for people alongside my husband and family.  In my spare time you will find me baking, painting, taking long walks with my puppy, singing sweet songs with my husband on the guitar and obsessing over design concepts on Pinterest. 

Bart Reyntjens

Head of Lighting Design and Installation, Electrician, Carpentry

Hello I am Bart and I am a real DIY guy, I have always loved to learn new techniques in hand labor and then to reuse and reinvent them in new ways. I am a designer, inventor, carpenter, electrician and so much more. My biggest passion has always been the power of light. 

Over more than 18 years I have been making unique light structures. braking, reflecting, catching the colors of light and uplifting the night to create a unique experience.  Creating an ambient and relaxing atmosphere has been central in all my styles and designs.

With Magic Garden Dreams I will take my designs and inspiration to the next level as it was time to go bigger and wilder.

I am originally from Belgium and made the shift to come and build a new life in the USA with my awesome team.  It feels like everything I have been doing beforehand was a stepping stone for our coming projects with MGD.  I am excited to co-create projects that have your personal signature and collective inspiration as part of it.

I am a happy, passionate person.  In my free time, I love to go rock climbing, outdoor camping, surfing in the blue ocean, I love good food and the process of cooking it, and of course spending time with the ones close to my heart.  Short story, I am a happy man with a plan to create a life filled with magic. 

We named ourselves Magic Garden Dreams because for us this experience is true Magic, and it doesn't have to be just a dream, or a far away vacation, or hike. We want you to enjoy this reality in your own home. Our creations are the most rewarding experience imaginable and bringing this feeling into the families we work with is priceless for us. Every one of our creations is unique and tailored specially for you, and we are excited to see what that looks and feels like for you. There's no better investment you can make for your own happiness and health, and that of your family. Connect with us and lets make your Magic Garden Dream come true!

—The Dream Team—

Ready to make your dreams come true?

Get in touch with a member of The Dream Team today!


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